Thursday, 24 August 2017

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time there lived a girl by the name of little Red Riding Hood. Her Mother was extremely fond of her and her Grandmother doted on her still more.

Little Red Riding Hood lived in a claustrophobic, cramped house in the middle of the dark, overcrowded woods. Tall elongated trees reached up to touch the heavens and long green ivy crept up the sides of the house slowly suffocating it. Leaves from the skeleton like trees piled up on the edge of the roof and white paint peeled itself off from the sides.

Large black bags sat under Little Red’s dark brown sleep deprived eyes. Long, thick curly strands of brown hair sat in a tight, secure braid only letting small bits of hair rest on her face. Pitch black jeans and a dull plain black singlet was complimented by her knee high tight black leather boots. A rich, silky blood red garment sat on top of her fair white skin as she shadowed her face away. A permanent mysterious look was spread across her weary face.

Walking through the woods strange rustling sounds came from behind the dim, dark green poison ivy bush. Little Red moved swiftly and peered behind her with a worried look feeling as if she was being followed. The sun was bright but the droopy, overlapping branches from the lanky rows of trees hid away any trace of sunlight from the sky.

“Hello” came a suspiciously calm tone. The wolf was dark grey, his eyes were deep brown and would send shivers down anybody's spine. The wolf had a wide unpleasant grin on his face. “Where are you off to all by yourself?” the wolf said making sure to exaggerate his voice, without making any eye contact Little Red Riding hood replied “Umm just to visit my Grandmother's house in the middle of the woods”. The wolf’s eyes widened as he gave Little Red Riding Hood a ‘shorter’ route. Following her new path through the deep dark eerie woods she found herself walking a longer more dangerous path.

Pushing open the heavy old, oak door Little Red came across a peculiar sight. In a light pink double bed sat a furry frightening Wolf wearing her Granny’s pink and yellow night gown and a small pair of reading glasses. “Well my dear nice of you to join me” came a high pitched voice “Granny what big ears you have”. “Enough of that” yelled the wolf. The giant vicious creature leapt out of the bed and with a blink of an eye the wolf had grimly swallowed Little Red in one bite. The closet door burst open and Granny jumped out with a knife in her hand.  Granny charged for the Wolf. She was furious and nothing would get in her way of killing the wolf. Blood covered the pale pink walls and stained the once welcoming yellow curtains.

The woodsmen had heard a shriek and stood at the front door in horror “I’m calling the police”. Contacting the CSI the police officer said in a serious and stern tone “Men, we have a murder case on our hands”. Before long the CSI surrounded the house and took photos of the dark scene.

“Maam do you have any evidence that you are not guilty of murdering the wolf” said the judge who was covered in a long black robe “No“ Granny replied then  a tall muscular police held up a small clear bag with the knife and announced that Grannys fingerprints were all over it. With no sympathy the Judge yelled “guilty I sentence you to life in jail, officers take her into custody.”

A decade had passed and Granny had plenty of time to ponder what she had done. From all the things Granny had done she had learned one thing to always think before you act.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Guess Who?

WALT- Show not tell

For writing we had to describe a job using show not tell in present tense.

Charlotte - Walking by the rows of seats she looks out the window to find the other machines formally lined in rows. Putting on her hat she takes a seat at the front. Her eyes dart to the selection of colourful buttons that sit on top of the dull grey board. “Just a quick 45 minutes folks”. Taking a deep breath she pushes the lever forward. A sign pops up from the roof informing the people to fasten their seat belts, as their journey is going to begin. Speeding along the runway everything outside turns to a blur. The bland meal sits in front of the passengers in a dark grey polythene container. Clouds sit next to the small bullet proof glass windows. “We have five more minutes before making our way down to land”. “Bumph bumph”. the white machine smoothly comes to a stop at the end of the runway. Doors open and a kind lady farewells the passengers as they exit. Making their way down the crowded corridor people march dragging their held luggage.

Korean BBQ vs Kiwi BBQ!

WALT- Make connections

The world is connected in many ways such as through imports and exports, technology and food. Many people when they migrate to another country take their customs, traditions and food with them. Wherever you go in Auckland you have the opportunity to eat the cuisine of many different countries. One cuisine you could try is Korean, and in particular a Korean barbecue. We are comparing a Korean BBQ with a traditional Kiwi BBQ.

Grill - Tvisha and Theo
Both Korea and New Zealand cook their meat on a grill. Kiwi BBQ’s traditionally cook on a rectangular gas, electric or charcoal grill. Kiwi’s always cook a barbecue outdoors to prevent fires. Korean BBQ grills are circular and placed inside a table indoors. Kiwi barbecues are safer than Korean barbecues due to being outside away from flammable materials.

Pork - Joshua and Shreyas
Both Korean BBQ and Kiwi BBQ involve pork. While Korean BBQ uses small chunks of pork and fat, Kiwi BBQs predominantly use sausages. The Sam gyup sal uses less of the pig than sausages as sausages could include any part of the animal. On the other hand, the pork in Sam gyup sal just uses the belly of the pig. The benefits of using sausages over Sam gyup sal is that it's more economical as they don't waste any part of the pig.

Condiments and Sides - Alexus
A Kiwi BBQ and a Korean BBQ are similar in that they come with a range of condiments and side dishes. A Kiwi BBQ’s sides and condiments include the traditional Watties tomato sauce, mustard, Watties BBQ sauce, onions and coleslaw. However in a Korean BBQ the sides and condiments are egg pancakes, kimchi, pieces of yellow radish, spring onions and crab. Korean BBQ seems to have more of a variety of food to eat meaning that you can customise your meal to your own preference.

Serving - Charlotte and Kristy
Both Korea and New Zealand have different ways of serving their meats and salads when having a BBQ. In Korea for a BBQ they serve their food in a lettuce leaf, and then fill the lettuce leaf with pork, and whatever types of sides that they would like. However in New Zealand the meat and sides are usually served in rolls or buns. Korean BBQ’s are much healthier than a Kiwi BBQ, this is because they eat less bread. Korean BBQ is also gluten free.

Conclusion -
Overall Korean and Kiwi BBQs have a lot of similarities when it comes to how they cook the meat, what meat they use, what condiments and sides they have and how they serve their food. Food is a way of connecting with the world, not only through migration but through imports and exports. As Martin Luther King once said “Before you finish eating breakfast in the morning, you’ve depended on more than half the world“. In Auckland we have many different restaurants that serve many different cuisines such as Chinese, Malaysian, Thai, Indian and many more. We are lucky to have such variety and be able to connect with cultures from around the world.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Show not tell - writing!

WALT- use show not tell

Where am I?

Charlie -  The jagged object wouldn’t stop moving. With hesitation I carefully stepped onto the grey contraption. Stumbling I quickly got back my balance. Looking around there were strange hairless apes who were stood on their hind legs. The hairless apes look confused to see me in their habitat. My feet felt tingly on the moving rectangle. Wondering how I was going up without taking a step I looked up to find little suns spread out on top of white pieces of log that were placed above me. On a slant the mysterious grey track was heading into something new. I stepped off onto the smooth flat ground. Spotting another long peculiar moving object I decided to try going on it again. I stepped onto the strange machine and in front of me stood a pair of strange creatures talking in a language I had never heard before. Looking back at where I had came from the colourful dressed creatures pointed at me and whispered to each other as the moving ground took me further away. Ignoring the stares I looked outside the window to find bright stars brought down from the sky lining the roads.

Poster of 'hello' in different languages!

For reading we had to create a google drawing showing the word 'hello' in different languages.